January 25th, 2012

Comprehensive Exams: Be Prepared!

If you’re nervous about your comprehensive exams (comps), we have a guide that should help! Comprehensive Exams: Library Strategies is intended to help you find the resources in the Library that you need to succeed.

Image of man with binocularsClick on the tabs to learn the following:

  • Preparing before getting your exam.
  • Using resources to understand your questions.
  • Searching for articles by methodology.
  • Forming and refining a search.
  • Evaluating resources.
  • Accessing resources outside of the library.

Have other research or library questions? There are many useful library guides on the Library Guides home page.

NOTE: You are allowed to contact the Library to get help with searching for materials to complete your exams, so if you have questions, contact us!

– Kim

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