March 19th, 2012

New PsycBOOKS Added – January 2012

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in January 2012. Of the titles added, 3 were APA books and 60 were designated Classic Books.

Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Caring for veterans with deployment-related stress disorders, © 2011, by Ruzek, Josef I. (Ed.); Schnurr, Paula P. (Ed.); Vasterling, Jennifer J. (Ed.); Friedman, Matthew J. (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0925-7

2. Moving beyond prejudice reduction: Pathways to positive intergroup relations, © 2011, by Tropp, Linda R. (Ed.); Mallett, Robyn K. (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0928-1

3. The psychology of prejudice: From attitudes to social action, © 2011, by Jackson, Lynne M. ISBN: 1-4338-0920-6

Classic Books

4. The Americans, © 1904, by Münsterberg, Hugo; Holt, Edwin B. (Trans.)

5. Analytic interest psychology and synthetic philosophy, © 1904, by Engle, J[ohn] S[ummerfield]

6. Aristotle’s history of animals in ten books, © 1902, by Aristotle; Creswell, Richard (Trans.)

7. An autobiography, Vol. 1, © 1904, by Spencer, Herbert

8. The boy problem: A study in social psychology (5th ed.), © 1901, by Forbush, William Byron; Hall, G. Stanley (Cont.)

9. Comparative physiology of the brain and comparative psychology, © 1900, by Loeb, Jacques

10. Contemporary psychology, © 1903, by Villa, Guido; Manacorda, Harold (Trans.)

11. Contributions to a psychological theory of music, © 1901, by Meyer, Max; Thilly, Frank (Ed.)

12. De vi physica et imbecillitate Darwiniana, © 1903, by Bain, Francis William

13. The descent of man and selection in relation to sex (new ed.), © 1901, by Darwin, Charles

14. Development and evolution, including psychophysical evolution, evolution by orthoplasy, and the theory of genetic modes, © 1902, by Baldwin, James Mark

15. The dialogues of Plato, translated into English with analyses and introductions (Vol. 4), © 1901, by Plato; Jowett, B. (Trans.)

16. Dialogues of Plato: With analyses and introductions, (Vol. 1), © 1901, by Plato; Jowett, B. (Trans.)

17. The effects of cross and self fertilisation in the vegetable kingdom (2nd ed., 5th impression), © No Year Specified, by Darwin, Charles

18. Evolution & ethics, and other essays, © 1901, by Huxley, Thomas H.

19. The evolution theory (Vol. 2), © 1904, by Weismann, August; Thomson, J. Arthur (Trans.); Thomson, Margaret R. (Trans.)

20. Experimental psychology: A manual of laboratory practice, Vol. 2: Quantitative experiments, Part 1, Students manual, © 1905, by Titchener, Edward Bradford

21. Experimental psychology: A manual of laboratory practice, Vol 2: Quantitative experiments, Part 2, Instructor’s manual, © 1905, by Titchener, Edward Bradford

22. Facts and comments, © 1902, by Spencer, Herbert

23. Fragments in philosophy and science, © 1903, by Baldwin, James Mark

24. The ground work of psychology, © 1903, by Stout, G. F.

25. Herbert Spencer and his critics, © 1900, by Waite, Charles B.

26. Herbert Spencer: An estimate and review, together with a chapter of personal reminiscences by James, © 1904, by Collier Royce, Josiah

27. Hume: The relation of the treatise on human nature—Book I to the inquiry concerning human understanding, © 1904, by Elkin, W. B.

28. Improvement of the understanding, ethics and correspondence of Benedict de Spinoza de Spinoza, © 1901, by Benedict; Elwes, R. H. M. (Trans.)

29. An introduction to comparative psychology (new ed., rev.), © 1903, by Morgan, C. Lloyd

30. An introduction to psychology, based on the author’s handbook of psychology, © 1904, by Murray, J. Clark

31. Intuitive perception, presented by a new philosophy of natural realism in accord with universally accepted truths, © 1903, by Hodge, William H.

32. Life and letters of Thomas Henry Huxley (Vol. 2), © 1904, by Huxley, Leonard

33. Life history album: Tables and charts for recording the development of body and mind from childhood upwards, with introductory remarks (2nd ed., rearranged), © 1902, by Galton, Francis

…. For a full list of all 60 classic books that were published to PsycBOOKS in January, please email Jennie Simning at

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