March 31st, 2012

New PsycBOOKS Added – February 2012

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in February 2012. Of the titles added, 4 were APA books and 60 were designated Classic Books.

Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1.How intimate partner violence affects children: Developmental research, case studies, and evidence-based intervention, © 2011, by Graham-Bermann, Sandra A. (Ed.); Levendosky, Alytia A. (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0930-3

2.Inside the session: What really happens in psychotherapy, © 2011, by Wachtel, Paul L. ISBN: 1-4338-0940-0

3.Perceived organizational support, © 2011, by Eisenberger, Robert; Stinglhamber, Florence. ISBN: 1-4338-0933-8

4.Rehabilitating sexual offenders: A strength-based approach, © 2011, by Marshall, William L. (Ed); Marshall, Liam E. (Ed); Serran, Geris A. (Ed); O’Brien, Matt D. (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0942-7

Classic Books

5.After death—what? Spiritistic phenomena and their interpretation, © 1909, by Lombroso, Cesare; Kennedy, William Sloane (Trans.)

6.American problems: From the point of view of a psychologist, © 1910, by Munsterberg, Hugo

7.The analysis of racial descent in animals, © 1906, by Montgomery, Thos. H., Jr.

8.The animal mind: A text-book of comparative psychology, © 1913, by Washburn, Margaret Floy

9.Anthropometry and physical examination: A book for practical use in connection with gymnastic work and physical education, © 1909, by Seaver, Jay W.

10.The approach to the social question: An introduction to the study of social ethics, © 1909, by Peabody, Francis Greenwood

11.Auguste Comte and positivism (5th ed.), © 1907, by Mill, John Stuart

12.The biology, physiology and sociology of reproduction, also sexual hygiene, with special reference to the male (10th ed.), © 1907, by Hall, Winfield S.

13.A brief course in the history of education, © 1907, by Monroe, Paul

14.Charles Darwin: His life told in an autobiographical chapter and in a selected series of his published letters, © 1908, by Darwin, Charles; Darwin, Francis (Ed.)

15.Clinical psychiatry: A textbook for students and physicians, abstracted and adapted from the 7th German edition of Kraepelin’s Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie (new ed., rev. and augmented), © 1907, by Diefendorf, A. Ross; Kraepelin, Emil

16.Consciousness, © 1909, by Marshall, Henry Rutgers

17.Dynamic sociology or applied social science: As based upon statical sociology and the less complex sciences, Vol. 2, © 1907, by Ward, Lester F.

18.The economy of happiness, © 1906, by MacKaye, James

19.The Edinburgh lectures on mental science, © 1909, by Troward, T.

20.Elements of statistics (3rd ed.), © 1907, by Bowley, Athur L.

21.Enigmas of psychical research, © 1906, by Hyslop, James H.

22.The eternal values, © 1909, by Münsterberg, Hugo

23.Ethics, © 1908, by Dewey, John; Tufts, James H.

24.Experimental psychology and its bearing upon culture, © 1908, by Stratton, George Malcolm

25.Feeling: Psychologically treated, and Prolegomena to psychology, © 1905, by Snider, Denton J.

26.The freedom of authority: Essays in apologetics, © 1905, by Sterrett, J. MacBride

27.Genetic psychology for teachers, © 1903, by Judd, Charles Hubbard

28.The humanizing of the brute, or The essential difference between human and animal soul proved from their specific activities, © 1906, by Muckermann, H.

29.The influence of the mind on the body (4th ed.), © 1906, by Dubois, Paul; Gallatin, L. B. (Trans.)

30.An introduction to social psychology (2nd ed.), © 1909, by McDougall, William

31.An introduction to the history of religion (4th ed.), © 1896, by Jevons, Frank Byron

32.Lectures on human and animal psychology (4th ed.; translated from the 2nd German ed.), © 1907, by Wundt, Wilhelm; Creighton, J. E. (Trans.); Titchener, E. B. (Trans.)

33.The life and letters of George John Romanes (6th impression), © 1902, by Romanes, George John; Romanes, E.

34-35.Life and letters of Herbert Spencer, Vol. 1 and 2, © 1908, by Duncan, David

36.The limits of evolution and other essays: Illustrating the metaphysical theory of personal idealism (2nd ed., rev. and enlarged), © 1905, by Howison, G. H.

37.Logic: Deductive and inductive, © 1905, by Hibben, John Grier

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