May 21st, 2012

New Google Scholar Interface

Google Scholar recently changed their user interface. This affects both how how you hook the Capella Library up to Google Scholar and how you refine your searches in it.

First things, first: The library’s Google Scholar guide has been updated with the new directions to hook it up to the library. If you’ve already connected the two, it’s not necessary to do it again…unless you’ve cleared the cookies from your computer in the meantime. Once the two are connected, you will be able to see if something you find through Google Scholar is available from the Capella Library. Click on the phrase Full-Text@Capella to be taken to a page that will show you which library database(s) have your article:

Google Scholar full text library link

Google isn’t 100% accurate; sometimes it thinks we carry an article that we don’t, and sometimes it says we don’t have the article when we actually do. The best way to get articles from the library is still to search the library itself!

Finally, Google Scholar still has a date limiter, but it moved from the home page to the results page you receive after you run your first search. Once you’ve run an initial search, you can limit the results to the most recent year, several years or your own custom date range:

Google Scholar date limiter

If you still have questions after looking over the library guide, contact the library!



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