July 25th, 2012

Searching for Articles Within a Single Journal

Stack of journalsHopefully, when you search for articles in the Capella Library, you know that the librarians recommend you start in one of two ways:

1. Choose a database from either Databases A-Z or Databases by School: Recommended route for graduate learners.

2. Start with a Summon search: This will search most (but not all) of the library at once.

However, there are times when an assignment may require you to search for articles within a single journal. The library guide, Searching Within a Specific Journal, will teach you the extra set of skills you need to know, including how to find out which database carries the journal and where to click to make sure that you are searching only that single journal.

Once you’re in the journal, you will probably want to use fewer concepts per search than you do when searching Summon or a database, since one journal obviously contains significantly fewer articles than a database. On the other hand, you may need to try several searches using different concepts and keywords each time in order to find the type of article you need.

If you need reminders about effective keyword searching, check out these resources:

o Selecting the Best Keywords

o How to Search the Library: Choose Keywords

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