July 30th, 2012

New PsycBOOKS Added – June 2012

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in June 2012. Of the titles added, 5 were APA books and 30 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Coparenting: A conceptual and clinical examination of family systems, © 2011, by McHale, James P. (Ed.); Lindahl, Kristin M. (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0991-5

2. Couples therapy for domestic violence: Finding safe solutions, ©2011, by Stith, Sandra M.; McCollum, Eric E.;Cover Image of High-Stakes Testing in Education Rosen, Karen H. ISBN: 1-4338-0982-6

3. High-stakes testing in education: Science and practice in K-12 settings, © 2011, by Bovaird, James A. (Ed.); Geisinger, Kurt F. (Ed.); Buckendahl, Chad W. (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0973-7

4. Shame in the therapy hour, © 2011, by Dearing, Ronda L. (Ed.); Tangney, June Price (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0967-2

5. Working with narrative in emotion-focused therapy: Changing stories, healing lives, © 2011, by Angus, Lynne E.; Greenberg, Leslie S. ISBN: 1-4338-0969-9

Classic Books

6. Aids to reflection in the formation of a manly character, on the several grounds of prudence, morality, and religion, © 1829, by Coleridge, S. T.

7. A comprehensive view of the leading and most important principles of natural and revealed religion: Digested in such order as to present to the pious and reflecting mind, a basis for the superstructure of the entire system of the doctrines of the Gospel, © 1815, by Smith, Samuel Stanhope

8. Dissertations moral and critical: On memory and imagination, on dreaming, the theory of language, on fable and romance, on the attachments of kindred, illustrations on sublimity, © 1873, by Beattie, James

9. Elements of logick; or, a summary of the general principles and different modes of reasoning (stereotype ed.), © 1941, by Hedge, Levi

10. An essay on the nature and immutability of truth, in opposition to sophistry and scepticism (1st American ed. from 6th European ed.), © 1809, by Beattie, James

11. An essay on the nature and immutability of truth, in opposition to sophistry and scepticism (7th ed., corr.), © 1807, by Beattie, James

12. Essays on the power of the human mind, Vol. 2, © 1803, by Reid, Thomas

13. An examination of phrenology in two lectures (2nd ed. revised and enlarged) , © 1839, by Sewall, Thomas

Cover image of Shame in the Therapy Hour14. First lines of the practice of physic, with notes and observations, practical and explanatory, and a preliminary discourse in defence of classical medicine by Charles Caldwell, Vol. 2, © 1816, by Cullen, William

15. General principles of the philosophy of nature: With an outline of some of its recent developments among the Germans, embracing the philosophical systems of Schelling and Hegel, and Oken’s system of nature, © 1848, by Stallo, John Bernhard

16. The herbartian psychology applied to education, being a series of essays applying the psychology of Johann Friedrich Herbart, © 1897, by Adams, John

17. Human traits and their social significance, © 1920, by Edman, Irwin

18. Illustrations of phrenology; being a selection of articles from The Edinburg Phrenological Journal, and The Transactions of the Edinburg Phrenological Society, © 1832 by Calvert, George H. (Ed.)

19. Inquiries concerning the intellectual powers and the investigation of truth, © 1833, by Abercrombie, John; Abbott, Jacob

20. Lectures on the nervous system and its diseases, © 1836, by Hall, Marshall

21. Lectures on the philosophy of the human mind, Vol. 2 (corrected from the last London ed.), © 1828, by Brown, Thomas

22. The lectures, corrected and improved, which have been delivered for a series of years, in the College of New Jersey; on the subjects of moral and political philosophy (Vols. 1 and 2), © 1812, by Smith, Samuel Stanhope

23. The life and letters of Charles Darwin, including an autobiographical chapter, Vol. 2 (7th ed., rev.), © 1888, by Darwin, Charles D.; Darwin, Francis (Ed.)

24. The nature and danger of infidel philosophy, exhibited in two discourses, © 1798, by Dwight, Timothy

25. The nervous system of the human body: As explained in a series of papers read before the Royal Society of London (3rd ed. with additions), © 1886, by Bell, Charles

…. For a full list of all 30 classic books that were published to PsycBOOKS in June, please email Jennie Simning at Librarian@capella.edu.

Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Library’s Databases A-Z page. Scroll down and click PsycBOOKs. Once in the database, type in the book title.


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