September 24th, 2012

Author! Author! Searching for Articles by Author

hand holding plumeIn a recent blog post, I mentioned a few resources to help you determine who seminal (foundational) authors were in your field and to find seminal works. But…what if you already have the name of an author and you just want to see if the library has any articles or books by that person? There are many options for searching: Summon, book databases, journal databases and Google Scholar are just a handful of ideas. The Searching by Author library guide outlines them all, so be sure to look at all the pages to make sure you know how to use the various options.



Comment from LeRoy R. Thibeau, Jr.
Time October 18, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Dear K. Stanley, I read your Blog several times to make sure I had it’s essence. Myself I have collected over 10,000 Volumes in my own Library in Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology, Especially Abnormal Psychology like DSM IV 6th Edition. My goal each year is to expand by 100 Volume a year Which I have read. I’m 55 but know what is scholarly and not. I love my IMAC computer but I still go to the library or order for my Kindle Fire. I find a lot of nonsense articles on the internet too. If your quoting in Kate Turabians method or MLA or APA you should use very scholarly and academic materials

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