March 18th, 2013

Spotlight: Library Guides

Library Guides are popular resources among Capella University learners, receiving tens of thousands of views each month. However, with so many to choose from, it can be easy to miss some, so we are starting this Spotlight series to highlight guides that may be most helpful.  There will be a new Spotlight post at the start of each week, so be sure to check back weekly.

This post will focus on what Library Guides are and how you use them.

What are Library Guides?

If you are not familiar with Library Guides, they are a collection of helpful resources created by Capella University Librarians and are available 24 hours a day. You cannot search a Library Guide for articles; rather they are supplemental materials that contain tips on searching or using the library and our resources. Topics range from search suggestions for selected assignments to instructions for searching for different kinds of articles (e.g., peer-reviewed, qualitative, experimental, etc.), and even recommended resources for specific programs (e.g., MBA, Instructional Design for Online Learning, Public Safety).

How Do I Find Library Guides?

Library Guides can be accessed through the Library Guides Home page. To access this page:

1. Go to the Library Home page. (Log in to iGuide. Select Library from the top navigation menu.)

2. Click the Library Guides link under the Library Help section.

Library Guides link from Library Home page

On the Library Guides home page, browse by guide type, subject or tag, view Featured, Popular, Recent or All guides, or search by keyword.

How Do I Use Library Guides?

Once you open a guide, you will see boxes of content, typically arranged in two or three columns. Each box focuses on a specific tip or information related to the overall topic. In addition, you may see tabs above the boxes. These tabs go to different pages of the guide. Be sure to go to the different pages to get all of the relevant information.

Library Guides tabs and boxes

Use these tips to browse through our Library Guide collection, and remember to check back next week for the first featured guides!

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