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Google Advanced Power Searching

Interested in improving your Google search skills? Check out Google’s Advanced Power Searching Course. These courses provide tips and tricks that will help you become more effective at searching. Advanced Power Searching – This page provides an overview of the course as well as links to the individual units. Skills: This page allows you to select specific […]

Google Power Searching

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of results you get when searching Google?  You may find Google’s self-paced Power Searching Course helpful. These courses offer tips and techniques that will help you navigate the overwhelming number of results you get when searching and help you narrow in on the information that is relevant to your search. […]

Gray Matter

Interested in reading more articles related to science and society? Check out Gray Matter column in the Opinion Pages of the New York Times.  This column addresses issues that are relevant to current events, science, and culture!

Hidden Brain: A Conversation about Life’s Unseen Patterns

Ever wonder about the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior? Check out Hidden Brain: A Conversation about Life’s Unseen Patterns on NPR. The Hidden Brain podcast is a project developed by Shankar Vedantam to help people understand the world by combining science and storytelling. Hidden Brain Podcast About Hidden Brain About Shankar Vedantam Newsletter Enjoy!

Online Writing Centers: iGuide’s “hidden gems”

The library receives many emails about writing and APA format.  While writing assistance is not something the library offers, there are Capella resources that can help:   Capella Undergraduate Writing Center and the Capella Graduate Writing Center. Here’s how to navigate to the Writing Center websites from iGuide:  Mouse over Learning Resources from the top menu bar and then […]

Academic Publishing Opportunities

As you progress in your research at Capella, you may begin to consider publishing your work. The Graduate Writing Center has an Academic Publishing Page with tips and information on the process of writing and submitting an article for publication. Choosing the Right Journal is an important part of the publishing process.  Here are two […]

Learning Assistance Center Webinar: Use Tutoring to Improve Your Writing and More

Smarthinking: Use Tutoring to Improve Your Writing and More, Thursday, May 16,  1:00 pm CDT / 2:00 pm EDT Our friends in the Learning Assistance Center will be teaching this webinar about Smarthinking.   Smarthinking is a free academic tutoring service available to all Capella learners. By attending this webinar, you can learn how to create […]

Spotlight: APA Tips

Thanks for checking out this week’s Spotlight. We’ll start with a list of guides that have been created for this week’s assignments, then feature various guides we have on APA and citing. See the list below for week two assignments that have Library Guides: MBA6135: Researching Data Mining & Reporting Need to find single experiment […]

Celebrate National Library Week! April 14-20

This week, the Capella University Library joins libraries in schools, campuses and communities nationwide in celebrating National Library Week! Libraries today are more than repositories for books and other resources. Often the heart of their communities, campuses or schools, libraries are deeply committed to the places where their patrons live, work and study. It is […]

Time Management Tools for Success

Webinar:  “Save Time! Employ Effective Time Management Strategies” – March 26th, 12:00 pm CDT (1:00 pm EDT) While it’s often overlooked, good time management is a skill that moves you toward success.  Take advantage of the spring break to attend this time management webinar offered by our friends in the Learning Assistance Center.  Sign up […]