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Advice from a Graduate: 3 Courseroom Tips for Weeks 1-3

I recently graduated from a Capella program (yay!) The other Librarians recommended that I share some of my strategies for success, so I’ve started this “Librarian-Learner” series. Let me tell you: it was tough-going at times, but planning ahead really helped me persist. I know that getting back into the game after quarter break can […]

Alumni Library Offers Free Lifetime Access

The Alumni Library is a great resource for anyone interested in lifelong learning. Whether your degree is in education, psychology, business or nursing, there is a database to cover your field of study. As a current or future Capella Alumnus, you have free lifetime access to several of the journal and book databases you used […]

RefWorks After You Graduate?

Many RefWorks users have asked about what happens after graduation. You have hundreds of citations organized in RefWorks leading up to graduation day, and does it all then disappear? No, it does not. RefWorks is currently part of the Capella Alumni Library, which will allow you to keep the information you have stored inside the […]

Library Resources – What to do after you graduate

We are often asked what library resources are available to Capella Alumni. One important component to supporting your information needs will always be Using Libraries in Your Area. However, some practitioners need scholarly/academic research that might not be available in their local library. After much planning, the Alumni office at Capella has put together a […]

Professional Growth After Graduation

As a professional it’s a good practice to keep up with the current trends, new developments and research within your field. There are several ways you can maintain and increase your knowledge long after you earn your degree. Joining professional organizations is an excellent strategy. They usually provide periodic newsletters with membership and host conferences […]