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Track and Organize your Research

Do you feel overwhelmed when researching? Can’t remember which databases you’ve already looked in? What search terms you used? Or if the results where helpful? Maybe you are doing SO MUCH research that you need a tool to help keep it all straight. If this sounds familiar, check out Capella Library’s guide Staying Organized & […]

Using Dissertations: Where do I start?

I remember the first time I reviewed a dissertation, I thought while this looks impressive it also looks very long; where do I start? I knew I probably did not have the time to read the whole document. So what parts of a dissertation will help you the most in doing research for your own […]

Build Your Personal Library – Before You Leave Your Course

With the quarter winding down (and great bargains at the mall beckoning), it’s easy to fall into a bit of school complacency. There’s a moment when you just want to be done! But before you close your courseroom for the last time, think about the readings and guides that were in your course. If you […]