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Have you found “everything”?

Often when individuals are doing a literature review they wonder how they know it comprehensive. Both the Literature Review Search Plan and being able to answer the questions below, can help. Have you found all the alternative terms that describe you topic? If not, check out Using Controlled Vocabulary Have you searched multiple databases and […]

Your Favorite Database: More There Than Meets the Eye!

Most Capella Library databases default to search only the full text available to you immediately in the Capella Library. When you are working on coursework, often with tight deadlines, this is helpful. However databases also classify articles in journals to which the Capella Library does not subscribe. So how do you see those articles? In […]

Life Rafts for Doctoral Learners (Advanced Guides & Tutorials)

For those of you who will soon be wrapping up at the Jacksonville colloquium (or have attended any other colloquia), here are some of the guides and tutorials the librarians talked about at the library sessions. Nearly every guide mentioned at the library’s colloquia sessions are included in a special section of our Guides & […]

Build Your Personal Library – Before You Leave Your Course

With the quarter winding down (and great bargains at the mall beckoning), it’s easy to fall into a bit of school complacency. There’s a moment when you just want to be done! But before you close your courseroom for the last time, think about the readings and guides that were in your course. If you […]