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Finding/Identifying Peer Reviewed Articles

Many learners contact the library asking how to find peer reviewed articles or how to determine if an article they found is from a peer reviewed journal. What is “peer review?” From the library’s PDF guide What are Peer-reviewed Articles & How do I Find Them? Peer Review is defined as “…a process where an […]

Are your web searches “satisficing?”

This month’s Communications of the ACM has an article about web searchers’ habits: “Are People Biased in Their Use of Search Engines?” It looked at whether searchers merely click on the top results on the list without really looking at the rest of the list (the answer: for some people, it’s true) . It also […]

Got a Shady Email Forward? Snopes Debunks Internet Myths

While there are innumerable benefits to the Internet, one definite drawback is that it allows people to spread wacky rumors and sensationalist propaganda at light speed. Everybody receives those annoying email forwards, often from a well-meaning relative, where the premise seems, well, a little shady. There are two clues I watch for: 1. The subject […]