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New Google Scholar Interface

Google Scholar recently changed their user interface. This affects both how how you hook the Capella Library up to Google Scholar and how you refine your searches in it. First things, first: The library’s Google Scholar guide has been updated with the new directions to hook it up to the library. If you’ve already connected […]

Google Scholar and RefWorks

I know that many of you love Google Scholar, so before I even get started on the rest of this post, I want to remind you that Google Scholar should be a supplement to your research, NOT your only source for scholarly articles. That said, if you’re trying to get some ideas of where to […]

When Google Narrows Your Search

Google recently announced Personalized Search. Whenever you search using Google, it will pay attention to the websites you click, allowing Google to place those sites higher on your result list the next time you do the search. For day-to-day Googlers, this new feature can really speed up your search. But if you use Google for […]

Google Scholar Now Offers Legal Research Option

Legal research is always challenging, but Google Scholar is now providing an option that allows you to do some legal research which might make it a little easier. Sometimes the toughest part of conducting legal research is trying to find a legal case on a specific topic. It’s difficult to search the millions of state […]

Professional Growth After Graduation

As a professional it’s a good practice to keep up with the current trends, new developments and research within your field. There are several ways you can maintain and increase your knowledge long after you earn your degree. Joining professional organizations is an excellent strategy. They usually provide periodic newsletters with membership and host conferences […]

Google Scholar and Full text @ Capella Library

Have you used Google Scholar? Google works with publishers, universities, professional societies and digital repositories to gain access to material traditional search engines do not index including books, articles, pre-prints, technical reports and more. It searches a subset of scholarly literature in all fields thus it should be used as a tool to supplement searching […]