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Spotlight: Legal Research

Thanks for checking out our blog! This week, we will start with a list of guides that have been created for week eight assignments, then we will be featuring guides on how to do legal research using our library. Reflective Practice PS4160 Criminal Procedure and Evidence PSY7210: Researching for Case Study Assignments (Unit 8) PSY7220 […]

Finding Legal Information

Legal research can be tricky. The LexisNexis database is the best Capella Library database to use for searching, but it does have a learning curve. Also, for certain types of legal research, such as laws from foreign countries, you might be better off using websites on the open internet. Where do you begin? The library […]

New, Improved LexisNexis Search

The librarians rarely hear that LexisNexis is a learner’s favorite database. Most of the time learners open LexisNexis and immediately think: Okay, now what the heck to I do? Sometimes I feel the exact same way. But LexisNexis has just updated their search page, and I think they’ve made it a lot easier. Instead of […]

Google Scholar Now Offers Legal Research Option

Legal research is always challenging, but Google Scholar is now providing an option that allows you to do some legal research which might make it a little easier. Sometimes the toughest part of conducting legal research is trying to find a legal case on a specific topic. It’s difficult to search the millions of state […]