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Research Troubles Ailing You? We Have the Remedy

You have research and library problems? We have solutions. Below is a table with the most common problems learners run in to as they conduct research for their assignments and links to corresponding video tutorials and PDF guides. Try learning something new over break and see if you can solve those persistent problems you’ve encountered […]

Your Favorite Database: More There Than Meets the Eye!

Most Capella Library databases default to search only the full text available to you immediately in the Capella Library. When you are working on coursework, often with tight deadlines, this is helpful. However databases also classify articles in journals to which the Capella Library does not subscribe. So how do you see those articles? In […]

Scholarly Article Rental and File Sharing

One of the most annoying parts of research is finding a reference to a great article, and then not having instant access online. Whether you’re a procrastinator waiting until the day before your paper is due, or just an impatient researcher who wants to read everything right away, no one likes to discover that what […]

Not Finding What You Need in ERIC?

Try Proquest Education Journals. There is some overlap between journals in ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) and Proquest Education Journals, but for the most part the journals in this database are unique. That means you may find other articles on your topic. If you are doing a comprehensive literature review on a topic in either […]

Peer Review Doesn’t Make Perfect

While we all know to read critically any information we locate on the free world wide web, sometime there’s a tendency to forget to read critically when it comes to published magazines and journals. Especially when it comes to Peer Reviewed journals, as they are referred to as the Gold Standard of Academic Publishing. But […]

Keeping up with the Journals

There are two ways to use the journals in your discipline: search them for articles on a topic or browse them to see what’s in recent issues. As learners working on assignments, you’re probably searching pretty frequently. But do you spend any time just browsing? Browsing is useful in many ways. Regularly browsing recent journals […]

What About the Scholarly Rejects?

As you may already know, scholarly articles are typically found in peer reviewed journals. That means only those articles that gain approval from the reviewers are actually published. That leaves a lot of rejected articles. So what happens to them? Some are reworked and resubmitted elsewhere, and others just disappear. But so many articles are […]

Peer Review – Onion style!

Scholarly, peer reviewed, juried, refereed..… When referring to a professional journal or article, all these terms mean the same thing – the article content has been rigorously reviewed and evaluated by a committee of subject experts and given the seal of approval for academic publishing. Now let’s imagine if we take that peer review process […]

The Intricate Dance of Peer Review

As a learner, your main concern is often simply “is this peer reviewed or not.” But there’s a lot more to it than that. Despite being considered the “gold standard” of academic publishing, peer review is a complicated, sometimes messy, process that comes with its own sets of frustrations and drawbacks. Getting scholars all on […]

What Isn’t Peer Reviewed?

When looking exclusively for peer-reviewed journal articles, most people let the databases do the heavy lifting. In most of the library’s databases you can check a little box, and you’ll only get back the scholarly material you want, right? Not quite. Peer review is an editorial decision at the journal, which means that all FULL […]