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Managing Your Reference Citations, Part 2: Internet Options

Last week, I wrote about all the cool things you can do with your free RefWorks account through the Capella library. I hope that you had the chance to explore your account and all its functions. Remember: RefWorks allows you to attach PDFs to the citation records that you create. However, if you do have […]

Academia.edu: Social Networking Haven for Researchers

Academia.edu is a little bit Facebook and a little bit Twitter, but completely focused on helping connect you with people who are conducting research in your field and keeping up with the current research trends. When you sign up for a free account it also gives you your own academic web page. Here’s the example […]

Facebook: The CiteMe Citation Application

So just when you thought Facebook was only for viewing baby pictures and following the everyday activity of friends and family, one of your Capella Librarians stumbles across a useful application. The application is called CiteMe and is pretty slick to use, coming from www.worldcat.org. But, like all citation generators, you need to verify with […]

Have a RefWorks Account? Want to RefShare?

RefWorks is a web-based citation manager that allows you to store, organize and create bibliographies from the articles you have located in the Capella Library and other resources. If you are not using it now and want to find out more, check out the RefWorks Basic Features guide to find out to sign up for […]

RefWorks is Twittering & on Facebook

I was using my RefWorks account today when I discovered the following advertisement announcing that RefWorks “is now on Facebook & Twitter!” I have been avoiding setting up a Twitter account, but decided it was time to take a look at how it might be useful to me in a professional capacity. It turns out […]

Twitter – Is it Only for Twits?

If you’re reading this, you’ve figured out how to get to a blog. But how much to you know about “microblogging?” Or the biggest name in microblogging today: Twitter? Twitter lets you quickly send out a short message of 140 characters, called a tweet. Then anyone who is signed up to receive your tweets gets […]

Library Help for Tough Interviews

Looking for a new job? Wondering how you can stand out in an interview? One thing you can easily do to impress an interviewer is to show what you know about a company. And the library can help you do that. The Capella Library has several databases designed for researching specific companies, including LexisNexis and […]