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Spotlight: Finding Statistics and Data

Looking for specific data? We have a great guide that contains tips on finding data sets and statistics. Check out our list of assignment guides first to see if any of your assignments this week has a guide, then use the link below to go to our Statistics and Government Resources Library Guide. BUS3004 Functional […]

Statistics and Government Resources

The U.S. government has many agencies that collect data on all manner of topics, including but not limited to education, employment, health, and public safety. If you need to find government generated data and/or statistics, a good government website to visit is the Data & Statistics page of USA.gov. The Capella University Library has also […]

Business Research & Statistics

The business world affects us all because our standard of living is so undeniably incorporated with it throughout our lives. Many of us might be interested in starting our own business. Most of us will need to gather information on investments options for retirement funds. Yet, the business world, with all its complexities, is one […]

Finding Statistics Online

Numbers are powerful things. A simple statistic can help frame your argument or make an important point. They can be a great addition to a paper or discussion post, but they are often difficult to find online. Sure, you can find lots of numbers out there, but how often do you see the exact number […]