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Application of Knowledge

by Paul Sullivan - MHA

Hello Fellow learners;

I began my journey at Capella just over a year ago. I have about 16 more credits before I complete the program. I am a teacher and a Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counselor in Albany New York.

My experience at Capella has enabled me to learn new concepts in the field of Healthcare Administration. Although I have been in healthcare for over 10 years, I have no experience with what is needed to be an administrator. My gut told me to pursue a program that I had a strong base with (education, chemical dependency), but after consulting with colleagues at work, they strongly suggested attempting something new. I was very nervous and hesitant because of my lack of experience and knowledge.

For any and all who might have similar fears, let me reassure all of you; the instructors are great. They are patient, full of knowledge, and willing to help and provide what is needed to pursue and achieve my/your goals. What I really find helpful is that the assignments provide for direct application as to what is going on in healthcare currently. The projects enable learners to apply what they learn to the field of healthcare each and every day on the job.

For those that do not currently work in the field, what better way to “get your feet wet”, so to speak. The opportuniy is here, trust me, all one needs to do is commit and apply oneself. The instructors are more than capable of providing the direction and knowledge needed.

I wish all of you the best and hope your experience at Capella is as fulfilling as mine has been!

Thank you
Paul Sullivan

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