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Graduate Professor

by Wayne Thompson - PhD in Public Safety

Since completing the PhD in public safety, I have received two full time offers for tenure track positions. I received a pay raise as an adjunct professor at the undergraduate level. I was recently hired as an adjunct graduate professor which would not have happened without the PhD. I am also hoping for promotion at my full time job in law enforcement.

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  1. Skylar Joyner

    Wayne, this is wonderful news! I have changed my PhD Program several times from Nonprofit Management to Public Safety and was looking for positive experiences from people who have completed their PhD in Public Safety. One thing I am lacking is law enforcement/public safety experience- as my resume and curriculum vitae is full of nonprofit management and education content and experiences. Any tips to getting a law enforcement career started in conjunction with your experiences? Right now I am a contracted Adjunct Instructor and teach Behavioral Sciences at a community college in Kansas.

    Any comments and input would be wonderful!

    Thank you Wayne (aka Dr. Thompson),


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