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How my education played a positive role in my life.

by Taneka Govan - Bachelor's public safety

Before I started school, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do as far as school, I then turned to my advisor and asked her what she thought I should do. She then told me that I should try a couple of criminal justice courses. I thought to my self, would this be something I would want to make a career of? I said it would not hurt to give it a try so I did a semester of Criminal Justice and really liked it.

I enjoyed each class and the instructors. I even made the dean’s list a couple of times. After being in school for a year, I decided I wanted to be a Forensic tech. After graduating from my Associates Degree, I decided to go for my bachelors in criminal justice and I chose Capella University to continue my education. Ever since, I have enjoyed my learning experience and met a couple of people along the way. School has made life look better and has given me brighter future for my kids and I.

I now have a couple of degrees to fall back on.

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