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Two for the price of one

by Jerome Brothers - Public Safety: Criminal Justice

I received my Master of Science degree from Capella University in September of 2010, since then, I have accepted a job with Tiffin University teaching online courses in their Criminal Justice department. Additionally, I earned my Post-Master’s Certificate in Education specializing in College Teaching (PSAE) at Capella and currently, I am working towards earning the Master of Science degree in Education specializing in Post-Secondary Adult Education and will graduate again in June of 2013.

When I saw the advertisement for the job at Tiffin, they were looking for someone who had a degree in CJ, Sociology, as it turns out, my undergrad degree is in Sociology and I thought that it was a perfect fit, so I applied and was offered the job in March of this year: Program Coordinator for the Youth Empowerment Juvenile and Restitution Program through the North Carolina Department of Public Safety/Division of Juvenile Justice in my city. This program is geared towards helping students maintain academic excellence. We provide services to students suspened for up to 10 days from the Elementary through High Schools.

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