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Asbury House Extended Care Treatment for Women

by Marina Asbury - MS Mental Health Counseling

My studies at Capella University have helped me to gain the self confidence to create a nonprofit Colorado organization to provide extended care residential treatment for women with substance dependency issues and co-occurring disorders that often accompany the illness of addiction. My community has no organizations that provide this type of treatment modality for women in our area, including for women veterans who have been shown to have a high need for these types of services. Last month the organization received its 501(c)(3) public charity status and all donations to the organization are tax deductible. We are currently working to buy our first residential property. Information can be found at . All donations are tax deductible and I am hoping that the Capella community can help us to raise funds. I would like to receive giving points for this organization but as of yet the inspire giving program is not set up to allow for charitable organization suggestions. Once our organization is up and running our licensed professional staff will be supervising mental health interns. I would like our organization to be a go to place for Capella students in Colorado who are seeking intern and or practicum placement. But first we have to have a building to start the program in. Thank you for letting me share.
Marina Asbury

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