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by Sherese Henderson-Johnson - Public Saftey

I was just moving back to Chicago from, Missouri. I was working in the jail, but decided that I wanted to come home after getting through a stressful divorce. I was unsure as to what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to finish my Master’s degree. I was enrolled in another University and it reminded me of my past situation, so I was just going to quit. I was online looking at different schools and came across Capella, so I called of course. I was on the phone with an advisor, and was actually looking into another degree field. As I talked to the advisor, everything that came out of my mouth was about criminal justice, law enforcement, and public safety. He gently asked me, why are you looking into counseling? I gave this long drawn out story that ended with criminal justice. He allowed me to finish my sentence, and politely started talking about criminal justice with me. With this great conversation, I finally realized that the degree field  I was interested in was indeed criminal justice. We both laughed. He made me feel comfortable with wanting to change while encouraging me to stay focused and never give up. I am finishing up my first course in public safety/criminal justice as I type!

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  1. Erica Mitchell

    Hi Sherese,

    I am a new learner at Capella and I came across your story. It was very inspiring, and I just want to thank you for sharing. Like you, I thought I needed a change in my academic career path because of the challenges that I have come through this year. I realized, like you, that I cannot quit either. I’m glad that Capella gives us the opportunity to reach the achievements that we know are within us. Best of wishes to you in all of your endeavors.


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