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by Lorine Edwards - Master Degree in Non profit Managment

I heard a voice that said go to school. Not sure of what field I should enter. I pondered and prayed about my decision. Having a career and a family I was not sure how I was going to manage. I was sure I did not want to drive anywhere spending hours on the highway traveling to and from school. The Holly Spirit spoke to me “go on line.” I began to search the web for a school. Gladly, I found Capella University. I had no Idea what I wanted. At that time I asked God. What can I do for my community? Sometime later my answer came. Again The Spirit of God spoke to me. Saying “help those young ladies that have experienced what you have experienced as young mothers. Start a Nonprofit Organization.” I received my answer and began my search for a school. I found Capella.
After numerous telephone calls I chose Human Services with the help of a dynamic enrollment counselor who help me to find the field that was suitable for me. There were some challenges along the way but, with help and encouragement of the counselors, advisors and instructors I have a Master Degree in Nonprofit management and currently enrolled in the school of Public Service Leadership working on a Doctoral degree in Multidisciplinary Human Services. I am Happy and I thank God I found Capella. I am the founder of a Nonprofit Organization called Maidservants Outreach Manor INC.
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