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I Declare by Capella

by Maxine Kennedy - Bachelor Business/Accounting

My name is Maxine Kennedy and I am a proud American veteran that has much gratitude for Capella boosting me to get off the “stoop of life”. Life dealt me a few curves and I could not get out to get an education. I found Capella online because in my community several residents are enrolled and were raving about the support they received from Capella. I gave them a try, applied for a scholarship and won. That got me motivated to do so much more. Shortly before I enrolled in Capella I started an education website,, which the knowledge I have obtained from Capella has improved its appearance and content. It has gone through several stages in my quest to find my fit, but I have received two employment engagements in which the employer mentioned the choice to enter Capella as a positive factor and definitely one that drew them to my application. I am from Macon, Georgia and Capella rocks here, it’s a very well-respected education institution. I know that as I continue my education here at Capella, it will continue to have a positive impact on my future. I will blog again about the greatness of Capella University.

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