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Ours is often a difficult and challenging world. A look at the daily news shows the scope of problems confronting our communities. Consider the floods, droughts, fires and storms affecting families from coast to coast. Consider the ever-increasing need to deliver quality health care more efficiently, more effectively, and to more people. Consider a workforce still reeling from the Great Recession, our senior citizens searching for support and stability, veterans returning from serving our country and transitioning to civilian careers. The challenges are many and diverse, and often impact us in very significant and personal ways.

Fortunately, there are people working in public, private and non-profit organizations that tackle these problems every day. Public safety workers are keeping our families, friends and neighbors safe. First responders are walking straight into disaster, and emergency managers are helping communities rebuild and prepare for the future. Nurses are delivering care when it is most needed, and healthcare managers are ensuring our country’s healthcare delivery is second to none. Human services professionals are providing support for children, adults and seniors in all walks of life. Public health practitioners are protecting diverse communities through education, outreach and response.

These are people who look beyond the challenges, people who work tirelessly to improve our communities and our country. And on August 10th, 2013, Capella University took great pride in conferring degrees to 109 people who are dedicated to making their communities and our world a better place.

To our graduates of the School of Public Service Leadership, we offer more than just congratulations on your academic accomplishments. We offer our sincere thanks and gratitude for everything you have contributed to your communities thus far, and for all that you will do going forward. Yes, ours is often a difficult and challenging world. Fortunately, we have solutions. We have you.

Dr. Suzanne Holmes, DPA
Dean, School of Public Service Leadership
Capella University

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