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What is better than Back to School? Back to Capella!

This is my favorite time of year – back to school season! Capella’s fall quarter just started, and it is a busy time for many of our learners. Remember what ‘back to school’ was like when you were younger?  Here are my top 5 reasons why ‘back to Capella’ is so much better!


5. You don’t have to sit over the wheel-well on the bus.

4. No. 2 pencils are not required.

3. You don’t need to remember a locker combination.

2.  Go ahead and sleep in!  You won’t miss a lecture.


And my number one reason why ‘back to Capella’ is so great…

 1. No more ‘Chef’s Surprise’ in the cafeteria.


What are your favorite reasons for being back to Capella this fall?  Share in the comments below!


Dr. Suzanne Holmes, DPA

Dean, School of Public Service Leadership

Capella University

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