More than just a fun fundraiser, it’s our opportunity to be awesome–together.

Need a little more fun in your workday? T4G events fit the bill. From baking or buying homemade goods to playing a round of mini-golf to winning a gift basket, T4G has something for everyone! The best part, each event raises thousands of dollars for our charity partners.

Monday Nov. 9

  • Cookie Gram orders online
  • Gift Basket ticket sales 11am-1pm (Capella Club)
  • Virtual Kick Off event for off-site employees

Tuesday Nov. 10

  • Mini-golf course opens 8am-5pm (6N/P)
  • Capella Tower Kick Off event 2pm-4pm in atrium)

Wednesday Nov. 11

  • Mini-golf Tournament 8am-5pm (6N/P)
  • Bake Sale opens at 9am until treats are sold out (Capella Club)

Thursday Nov. 12

  • Mini-golf Tournament 8am-5pm (6N/P)
  • Gift Basket 11am-1pm (Capella Club)

Friday Nov. 13

  • Cookie Gram last day to order
  • Gift Basket 11am-1pm (Capella Club)
  • Mini-golf Tournament Celebration and Awards 2pm (6 lunchroom)

Monday Nov. 16

  • Online Silent Auction opens
  • Gift Basket 11am-1pm (Capella Club)

Tuesday Nov. 17

  • Chili Cookoff 11:30am-1pm (8, 9 and 10 lunchrooms)

Wednesday Nov. 18

  • Cookie Gram delivery starting at 9am
  • Gift Basket 11am-1pm (Capella Club)

Friday Nov. 20

  • Online Silent Auction closes
  • Gift Basket 7am-1pm (Capella Club)
  • Gift Basket live drawings at 2pm (Capella Club)

Tuesday Nov. 24

  • Campaign Wrap Up Celebration 10am-noon (Capella Club)
  • Virtual Wrap Up Celebration for off-site employees