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Career Planning

Get Support in Your Career Decisions

Our students and graduates enjoy free, lifetime access to the Capella University Career Center for advice, information, and support. The Career Center's counselors, resources, tools, and webinars help them manage their careers at every stage—helping them move toward the careers they want.

We offer multiple support services:

  • Career Connection for Students and Alumni, the Career Center's job search and recruiting system.
  • Live & recorded career webinars.
  • Career exploration & planning resources.
  • Personalized career counseling.
  • Job search tools & strategies.
  • Networking & interview tips.
  • Advice on evaluating job offers.
  • Sample job search documents.

Opportunities for Learners and Alumni

You can use Career Connection for Students and Alumni to search for jobs, research employers, upload resumes, and apply for positions. In addition to the jobs posted in the Capella Network of employers, you can also extend your search and find even more employment opportunities through a national network of employers.

Opportunities for Employers

Are you an employer interested in hiring Capella students or graduates? Create a profile and post open positions on Career Connection for Employers, the Career Center's job search and recruiting system. Learn more about Recruiting at Capella.

Free Career Center Webinars

Experience our Career Center for yourself by taking one of these free webinars:

  • Career Management in Your Current Organization
    Learn the importance of continual career management, imagine options beyond your current situation, and develop a career and learning plan.
  • Navigating a Career Change
    Investigate your reasons for wanting to change careers and create an action plan with specific strategies for making a change.
  • Job Application Documents: Tips for Creating Effective Resumes
    Learn how to develop job search documents that will help you stand out from the competition.
  • Job Search Strategies
    Strengthen your ability to search for employment, network, and uncover new opportunities.
  • Online Social Networking: Cutting Edge Tools to Manage Your Career
    Get tips on how to connect and network with a larger audience using online communities.
  • Register for a Career Center webinar