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License Requirements

Licensure Requirements

Licensing requirements include the following for most states:

  • Completion of degree: Capella can help you complete this step, which includes coursework, clinical supervised fieldwork (practicum/internship), and national or state test (sometimes, this must be taken after graduation and license application is approved).
  • Application for license: This is between each individual applicant and the board or licensing office. Capella supports all graduates by verifying completion of the degree and/or specific coursework.
  • Post-graduate field work: Includes completion of 1-4 years of fieldwork under a board-approved supervisor. This requirement is not usually applicable to education professionals.
  • Application for full license: After you successfully complete your post-graduate field work, you will be issued a full license that must be kept current through continuing education coursework.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Many states have "fitness to practice" requirements. For example, if you have a medical condition that limits your ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety, chemical substance use within the past 2 years, past or current diagnosis of a sexual disorder, or criminal convictions, you may be prevented from obtaining a license.