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Expand Your Opportunities with Licensure

Make the most of your education degree from Capella University by earning an additional license, certificate, or endorsement. In most U.S. states, a professional license may be necessary for:

  • Access to employment: Allows teachers, administrators, and other school professionals to work in P-12 public schools and some private school settings. Licensure is generally not required for administrators and instructors at colleges and universities, although some counseling positions in post-secondary settings may require a counseling license. Also some states license adult educators teaching through a school district program.
  • Student achievement: Licensing laws guarantee that educators have met a minimum standard of education and training. In other words, professional licensing ensures professional competency and preparedness.
  • Safety and professional integrity: Licensing also serves a gatekeeping function. It prevents some people from working in schools and provides a means of accountability for ethical violations. If you step out of bounds, you can lose your license and the ability to teach or work in schools.
  • Salary advancement: Most states have different varying levels of licenses for teachers and administrators or leaders. Generally, completing education beyond a bachelor's degree and gaining experience in the field will allow you to move up to the next level of license. In many states, the level of license is directly tied to salary.

Do I Need a License?

Knowing your career goals and your state's requirements is key to understanding which additional license, certificate, or endorsement — if any — you need. Capella offers degree programs that help prepare you to meet state licensing prerequisites.

Our enrollment counselors can help you decide which program aligns best with your professional goals. If your goals require licensure, they can provide information about your state's unique requirements. However, we cannot guarantee licensure, certification, or endorsement.

Capella does not currently offer any programs to help prepare for first-time or initial classroom teacher licensure/certification.

Capella Offers Licensure Preparation for the Following Professions

Licensed Professions Example of Professions Capella Programs
Advanced teacher Early childhood teacher, Reading specialist MS Early Childhood Education
MS Reading & Literacy
Administrator/Leader Principal, Building leader, Superintendent, Special education director MS Leadership in Educational Administration
EdS Leadership in Educational Administration
PhD Leadership in Educational Administration
PhD Special Education Leadership
School Professional School counselor, School psychologist MS School Counseling
MS School Psychology
Cert School Psychology
PsyD School Psychology

Capella Licensure Support

Capella's licensure team researches licensing requirements in all 50 states on a regular basis and has established relationships with state educator licensing offices.

An enrollment counselor who specializes in your profession of interest will provide specific information about educational requirements for licensure, certification, or endorsement in your state.

Additionally, Capella's licensure team supports all graduates through the license application process. This type of specialized support is available throughout your program and after graduation, as you navigate changes in your career and life.

Email an enrollment counselor or call 1.866.933.5981 for help on understanding your state's licensure requirements or for more information on Capella's specialized support.

What Is Involved in Getting Licensed?

Each state licensing board, agency, or office creates rules or regulations that provide the specific details governing the profession, including licensing requirements. Licensing requirements generally include specific educational components, fitness to practice, field experience, examination(s), and fees. It is very important to understand all of these licensing requirements.

Learn more about licensure requirements.

Capella University cannot guarantee licensure, certification, or endorsement. State regulations vary regarding professional licensure and salary benefits. It is learners' responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for their state.