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School of Public Service Leadership Department of Public Service Leadership

Curtis Brant


  • MS in Human Services - General Human Services
  • PhD in Human Services - General Human Services
  • PhD in Human Services - Human Services General


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Bowling Green State University, 1998
    Major: Social Psychology
  • Master of Arts
    Bowling Green State University, 1995
    Major: Social Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Kent State University, 1991
    Major: Psychology


  • "Information selection and judgments about sexism" 1997
  • "Judgments About Sexism: A Policy Capturing Approach"Sex Roles 1998
  • "Religious methods of coping and mental health"Handbook of Religion and Mental Health 1997
  • "The Vigil: Religion and the Search for Control in the Hospital Waiting Room"Journal of Health Psychology 1998
  • "Noah revisited: Religious coping by church members and the impact of the 1993 midwest flood"Journal of Community Psychology 1999
  • "Religious Coping with Chronic Pain"Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback 1998


  • "Houston Counseling Psychology Conference."Differences in religious coping between African & Caucasian Americans.
    Houston, Texas. December 2000
  • "Houston Counseling Psychology "Religious social action: Coping efforts of African Americans.
    Houston, Texas. December 2000