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Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Department of Counseling

Mia Holland


  • MS in Counseling Studies - General Counseling Studies
  • MS in Human Services - Counseling Studies
  • MS in Studies in Human Behav - Gen Studies in Human Behavior
  • PhD in Adv Stud in Hum Behav - Gen Adv Studies Human Behavior
  • PhD in Counseling Studies - General Counseling Studies
  • PhD in Human Services - Counseling Studies


  • Doctor of Education
    Nova Southeastern University, 2004
    Major: Child, Youth, & Family Studies
  • Master of Education
    Bridgewater State College, 1999
    Major: Counseling
  • Bachelor of Arts
    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 1992
    Major: Psychology

Licensure & Certificates

  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Center


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  • "Abnormal Psychology"Pearson Education 2008
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  • "Insights into Child Development"CAT Publishing 2011
  • "A Model Preservice Training Program for Institutional Educators Within a Juvenile Justice Agency" 2002


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