Other Useful Resources

Interlibrary Loan

Only a portion of all the books and articles ever written are available in electronic form. Others are only available in databases that the Capella Library does not have.

In order to have a truly comprehensive literature review, you may need to use books and articles that are not available in the Capella Library. You can request these items through Interlibrary Loan.

We will try to get the item from another library. Articles and book chapters are available through a link that is emailed to you, and books are mailed to your address. Interlibrary loan materials do take time to arrive, so plan ahead when you begin your literature review research.

Online Writing Center

Another important resource is the Online Writing Center. There you will find a variety of resources to help you:

  • Read critically
  • Outline
  • Pre-write
  • Edit
  • Format according to APA requirements
  • Writing a Literature Review
Online Writing Center. Resources intended to help you develop clear and effective writing. Writing a Literature Review. Reveiw the principles and procedures for writing a literature review. Interlibrary Loan. How to get resources (articles and books) not available in the Capella Library