Explore nursing education with info-packed podcasts

An advanced nursing degree can be a gateway to greater success and influence. But what's it really like? What's the right option for you? And what's unique about Capella's nursing programs?

Find out with the Capella nursing podcast series. Meet faculty and nursing students, and get an inside view of advanced nursing education.

Mary Bemker, RN, DSN, PsyS, and director of Capella's nursing department

Mary talks about developing nurse leaders, maximizing your potential, and why it's so important to learn from faculty who are practicing professionals.
Dr. Bemker joined Capella in 1999 and was named director of the nursing department in 2011. Her health care experience has spanned decades and included multiple health care settings and roles: She has worked as a charge nurse in psychiatric intensive care; originated and directed a counseling and development program for a Fortune 500 Company; managed nurses in the emergency room; and led a nonprofit agency serving high-risk youth and adolescents.

Deb Reich, MSN nursing student

Deb explains why she wanted a master's degree in nursing, why Capella was the right choice, and how her education is already advancing her career.
Deb Reich, RN, is currently enrolled in Capella's Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing Educator Bridge program. She is a Nursing Staff Educator at Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health in Lancaster, PA.

Barbara Schreiner, RN, PhD, Capella nursing core faculty

Barbara discusses the financial benefits of continuing your education, setting yourself apart with an advanced degree, and being prepared for changes in the nursing profession.
Dr. Schreiner joined Capella in 2008 as an adjunct faculty member—and she became core faculty in 2010. With more than 35 years as a nurse, clinical nurse specialist, diabetes educator, and researcher, she has seen the positive impact that advanced nursing practice can have on health—both for individuals and populations.

Christy Davidson, RN, DNP, Capella nursing core faculty

Christy discusses the strengths of the Capella nursing community, including mentoring opportunities, networking, and support.
Dr. Davidson joined Capella as a core faculty member in 2011. She began her varied nursing career as a nursing assistant, and later held positions as an obstetrical scrub technician, staff nurse, nurse educator, clinical nurse specialist, legal nurse consultant, and nurse manager.

Janet Hayhurst, RN, EdD, Capella nursing core faculty

Janet talks about the many roles that advanced practice nurses can pursue beyond direct patient care.
Dr. Hayhurst has deep experience in a variety of settings including clinical nursing; nursing administration; undergraduate and graduate education in traditional and online environments; and clinical information management and technology. A military veteran with 21 years of service, she is a consultant to the Air Force Medical Chief Information Officer on clinical applications including the electronic health record.