Welcome to Alumni iGuide

Congratulations on your graduation from Capella University!

We'd like to make sure you know about some great alumni benefits and resources that can help you continue to grow and stay connected through Alumni iGuide. Supporting your career and professional development is a top priority. Get details on any of these resources by visiting the Alumni Benefits section of the website. Your Capella login and password will automatically take you to the alumni website.

One of the most popular benefits is the Alumni Library. With free, lifetime access, you can search several databases to support your ongoing research to help you in your work or academic growth.

We are impressed with how many of our graduates go on to become thought leaders in their fields. Capella can support you in this, too. You can apply for a $500 Alumni Development grant to help with the costs of presenting at professional conferences. We award up to 20 grants each year!

You also have access to all of Capella's self-paced courses for personal and professional development—there are dozens of options on everything from software skills to project management. You can take your current skills to a higher level, or challenge yourself in new areas.

You also have free, lifetime access to Capella's Career Center. Whether you're actively job-searching or proactively managing your future career path, this large collection of tools and training is a valuable asset for you.

There are many ways that you can stay involved at Capella. Sharing your experiences and encouraging others can keep you connected while supporting others at the same time. Referring friends, family, or colleagues who would be a great fit as a Capella learner is one way to do this.

You can also help new and prospective learners understand what is so special about a Capella degree by sharing your experiences as a Capella Ambassador. Capella's Peer Mentoring program is another unique way to stay involved. You have unique expertise, values, skills, and perspectives that could make you a great mentor for other learners and alumni.

You can attend Capella events around the country to network with people in your area, celebrate with our most recent graduates, or lend your time to a good cause. Find out when Capella might be in your neighborhood for volunteer events, colloquia, commencement, or other special events.

Other people want to hear how you're using your Capella education. You can share your professional accomplishment any time, and we'll pass them along.

There are many other ways to stay connected to the Capella community. Stay up-to-date on what's happening at Capella by reading the Alumni Director's updates.

Network online through the alumni discussions, message boards, or through social media sites like Capella's Facebook page and LinkedIn group. Connect with your Capella peers by searching the online directory.

Take a look at the Capella Alumni website while these ideas are fresh in your mind. Find details and let us know how you want to get involved! If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us anytime at alumni@capella.edu.