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Scholarships: Apply Now & Save Thousands

By enrolling at Capella University now, you can save thousands on your tuition. Capella–sponsored scholarships are not based on financial need and never require repayment. These gifts are available now to everyone who enrolls in qualified programs and meets other eligibility requirements. Capella scholarships are easy to apply for and are a smart (and free) way to help fund your college education. New students are eligible to apply for only one of the scholarships listed below.

$1,500–$5,000 Nurse Leader Grant

Nurses who hold an RN license who start their program between September and December of 2014, and pass their first course are eligible to receive a grant ($1,500 for certificate programs, $3,000 for bachelor's programs, $4,000 for master's programs, $5,000 for doctoral programs), distributed over 7 consecutive quarters (4 quarters for certificate programs). To receive the grant, new students must enroll at Capella and apply for the grant before their first course begins and no later than December 8, 2014. FlexPath applicants are not eligible.

To see if you qualify for this grant, email an enrollment counselor or call 1.866.736.1677.

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