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Prepare to advocate, lead, and consult in social and behavioral fields with Capella’s Master's in Studies in Human Behavior. This program is designed for students who want to gain expertise in human behavior and leadership, but aren’t interested in becoming a licensed professional counselor. This program can help you develop approaches to providing ethnically and culturally sensitive services to individuals, groups, and organizations.

The Building Blocks of Your Master's Program

Prepare to address the needs of individuals, groups, organizations, and communities with curriculum that covers a broad range of competencies — psychology, human services, sociology, and counseling — that focus on ethical, research, and legal standards. Our curriculum is 100% online and includes opportunities to apply contemporary human behavior theory and research to the development, evaluation, and leadership of social and behavioral programs. Choose to work as a consultant or within social services and stand out as an advocate and a leader.

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Degree Outcomes

With your Master's in Studies in Human Behavior from Capella, you'll learn to apply contemporary and relevant human behavior theory and research to the development, evaluation, and leadership of social and behavioral studies programs. You'll also learn to provide culturally and ethnically sensitive service, advocacy, and leadership to individuals, groups and agencies/institutions. Discover specifically what you'll learn — and how you can apply it.

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Career Outcomes

Common jobs with an online program in human behavior include family advocate, learning center manager, psychiatric assistant, rehabilitation supervisor or social services supervisor. Potential workplaces and fields include mental health, educational institutions, private sector, health care, child welfare/children's services, criminal justice/corrections or government.