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MBA Master of Business Administration Business Intelligence specialization


My Graduation Date

Total program credits needed for graduation: 48

MBA courses are 6 weeks in duration. If you take the recommended 2 courses per quarter your term will be 12 weeks of courses with 1 week off in-between quarters.

Core Courses

33 course quarter credits.

Foundational Skills for Business Leaders (3 quarter credits)
Leading Innovation in the Global Organization (3 quarter credits)
Global Economic Environment (3 quarter credits)
Integrated Global Marketing (3 quarter credits)
Financial Accounting (3 quarter credits)
Finance and Value Creation* (3 quarter credits)
Data Analysis for Business Decisions (3 quarter credits)
Strategic Operations Management* (3 quarter credits)
Organizational Strategy* (3 quarter credits)
The Global Leader (3 quarter credits)
Business Integration Skills* (3 quarter credits)

Specialization Courses

12 course quarter credits.

Statistical Methods* (3 quarter credits)
Management Decision Methods* (3 quarter credits)
Data Mining and Reporting* (3 quarter credits)
Primary Data Collection * (3 quarter credits)

Capstone Course

Taken during learner's final quarter.

MBA Capstone* (3 quarter credits)

*This course has a prerequisite. Contact an enrollment counselor or refer to the course descriptions for more information.

FlexPath Self-Paced Learning Option

If you’re highly motivated, looking to save time and money, and crave the freedom and flexibility of setting your own pace, you may want to consider FlexPath. Rather than face weekly deadlines, you’ll work at your own pace to complete a series of assessments for each course.

There’s no limit to the number of courses you can complete per quarter — you’ll still pay the same flat tuition rate.

Learn more about FlexPath Self-Paced Learning

What Can I Expect?

Most students take 1 to 2 courses at a time. One course typically requires 10 to 12 hours of study per week.

Courses are divided into 6 weekly units. Each unit consists of readings, discussions, and other activities you will be expected to complete throughout the week. Assignments are due on Sundays, though not every course requires an assignment each week.

In each course, you will receive a detailed scoring guide that describes expectations for every graded assignment.

Grades are based on your participation in weekly reading discussions and completion of assignments. You will also be assessed on your ability to demonstrate an understanding of expected outcomes for your program or specialization. These outcomes are based on the needs and performance standards of your field or discipline.

Learn more about online learning at Capella.


Post Baccalaureate Certificate Options

Students in Capella’s MBA with a specialization in Business Intelligence program have the opportunity to earn not one, but two Post Baccalaureate Certificates while enrolled their program. Both the Business Management and Business Intelligence certificates are comprised entirely of MBA courses and provide the knowledge, skills, and academic credentials to support your goals.

To learn more about these certificate options and how to enroll, request more information and we will match you with an enrollment counselor who specializes in your area of study.

Transfer Credits

There are many ways to reduce tuition costs, including transferring credits which can help save time and money. You can transfer up to 12 credits into this specialization.

Take an Individual Course

Whether you're completing continuing education credits, want to see if online learning is right for you, or are simply interested in a specific topic, you can enroll in many of Capella's online courses without committing to a degree program. We recommend speaking first with an enrollment counselor to discuss your goals and ensure the credits you earn now can be applied to a degree program later.

Learn more about individual courses

To learn more, call 1.866.933.5840, or email us. When you connect with Capella, we will immediately put you in touch with an enrollment counselor trained to assist you with specific questions and needs for your area of interest.


My Preferred Start Date


My Preferred Course Format


Tuition: Per Credit

Participate in discussions with faculty and your classmates at different times throughout the week. You will not attend class at a specific time, but you will complete assignments and other course activities every week.

FlexPath FORMAT*

Tuition: Flat Rate Per Quarter

If you are highly self-motivated, develop the same skills as our standard courses with FlexPath. Rather than weekly deadlines, you will complete your work anytime during the course.
*Requires additional admission requirements.


My Preferred Courseload

More Flexible Schedule
More Accelerated Program
One academic quarter is 3 months.

Explore More Ways to Save Time & Money*

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Tuition Reimbursement
Capella Alliance Discount
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By enrolling at Capella University now, you can save $3,000 on your tuition. Capella-sponsored grants are not based on financial need and do not require repayment. Instead, these special grants are available to everyone who enrolls now in this qualified program and meets other eligibilty requirements. Find out if you qualify.

Do you plan to enroll by November 24, 2014?

Reduce the time and cost of your degree by maximizing your transfer credits. To be accepted for transfer credit, previous coursework must follow Capella University's transfer credit policy as well as all program-specific transfer requirements.

Why does my transfer credits savings change?

To learn more about transfer credits, contact an enrollment counselor.

How many credits will you transfer?

Average 0 quarter credits. For questions about additional transfer credit opportunities, please contact an enrollment counselor.

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to their employees — even if they do not have a formal program.

To learn more, contact your HR department or manager to see if you are eligible.

What is your tuition reimbursement?


Capella is proud to partner with more than 500 organizations, colleges, and universities. Capella offers reduced tuition to all of our alliance partners.

To learn more, contact your HR Department or a Capella enrollment counselor.

What is your employer discount?

Capella University is committed to supporting our community of servicemen, veterans and their spouses as they progress toward their education goals. We are proud to offer up to a military discount.

Are you a service member, spouse of a service member, or veteran of the U.S. military?

There are numerous other ways to reduce your tuition and graduate more quickly. You may be able to save time and money by earning credit for your prior learning (PLA). Additional sources of funding might include third-party scholarships, federal grants, or gifts.

To find out if you are eligible for PLA or federal grants, please contact an enrollment counselor.

What other savings or funds will you receive to finance your education?


My Estimated Total Tuition*

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My Estimated Graduation Date

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*This tool can help estimate available discounts to offset your educational expenses. This is not a guarantee of the exact figure you will pay; additional costs such as textbooks, and other fees are not included. Individual time to complete and total program cost vary and are subject to individual progress and number of courses taken per quarter. To determine your exact tuition, please contact an enrollment counselor. Structured format courses will be awarded quarter credits, FlexPath format courses will be awarded program points based on successful completion of the assessments.

Sample Course Sequence

The following course plan is a representation only; your transcripts will be evaluated for the maximum transfer credits allowed when you apply to Capella. After enrolling at Capella, you and your academic advisor will design your personalized academic plan. Courses and course requirements are subject to change. Not all courses are available every quarter.

To view recommended course sequence, complete steps above.

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Month Course # Course Name Type Credits
Based on the number of transfer credits you entered above, a corresponding number of elective courses have been removed from this example course sequence plan. Actual transfer credits and required courses may vary and are determined following an official transcript evaluation. Individual time to complete and total program cost vary and are subject to individual progress, number of transfer credits, and number of courses taken per quarter.
Transfer credits entered above have been first applied to meet elective requirements followed by general education requirements. Courses have been removed accordingly in the above example. Actual transfer credit and required courses may vary and are determined following an official transcript evaluation. Individual time to complete and total program cost vary and are subject to individual progress, number of transfer credits, and number of courses taken per quarter.