Save Program

Cost & Transfer Credits

Tuition & Fees

Courses $4,665 per quarter
Our flat tuition rate allows you to take 1, 2, or 3 courses per quarter for the same price. By maximizing your courseload each quarter, you can save thousands and graduate significantly sooner.

Comprehensive Exam $4,175 per quarter
4 credits minimum.

Dissertation $4,175 per quarter
20 credits minimum.

Colloquium $1,495 per colloquium
3 colloquia required; travel, lodging, meals and other expenses not included.

One in 4 Capella graduate business alumni were promoted to a higher position while enrolled in their degree program.

Noel-Levitz Business Program Alumni Study, 2012

This tuition estimate is effective July 14, 2014, and is subject to change.

Capella is committed to a transparent pricing policy. In addition to your tuition, you may be responsible for additional costs, such as textbooks and an application fee. Find out more about the best financing and payment options to help you complete your program.

Federal aid is available to help manage the costs of higher education. Learn more and get help organizing your financial aid tasks with Capella’s financial aid planning checklist.

Transfer Credits

Reduce the time and cost of finishing your degree by maximizing your transfer credits. Many students save substantially by transferring previous academic course work into their Capella program. Course work completed at an institution accredited by a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting agency or an internationally recognized institution will be considered, regardless of how long ago they were earned. With your permission, we will request your transcripts on your behalf and pay any associated fees.

Transfer up to 32 quarter credits.


Explore More Ways to Save Time & Money

Save money and graduate faster with grants, scholarships, military tuition discounts, and more.

Capella provides support to keep students and alumni on track, academically and financially. We offer in-depth financial aid counseling as well as online resources such as webinars, financial calculators, and more. Your enrollment counselor has extensive training in education financing and is ready to answer your questions.

To learn more, call 1.866.933.5832, or email us. When you connect with Capella, we will immediately put you in touch with an enrollment counselor trained to assist you with specific questions and needs for your area of interest.