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A New Approach to Learning

With FlexPath—our new self-paced learning format—build the career-enhancing skills that employers want at a speed that fits your life.

This unique approach to learning also can help you save money while you complete your degree sooner. FlexPath is approved by The Higher Learning Commission and the U.S. Department of Education*.

Is FlexPath Right for You?

The assessment will take approximately 5-7 minutes.

Take the Assessment

FlexPath is available in three of our areas of study for the following programs:


BS – Business Administration
BS – Health Care Management
BS – Management and Leadership
MBA – Business Intelligence
MBA – Entrepreneurship
MBA – General Business Administration
MBA – Health Care Management
Certificate – Business Intelligence *
Certificate – Business Management *
Certificate – Entrepreneurship *
Certificate – Management Consulting *

Information Technology

BS – General Information Technology *
MS – General Information Systems & Technology Management *


BS – General Psychology *
MS – General Psychology *

*In accordance with U.S. Department of Education (ED) direct assessment approval requirements, a notification has been submitted to the ED so that the FlexPath programs in IT and Psychology may be eligible for federal financial aid. In addition, a notification to the ED is in process so that the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate FlexPath programs in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Intelligence and Management Consulting may be eligible for federal financial aid. These programs are currently not approved for federal financial aid. Capella University will keep applicants and learners interested in FlexPath fully informed of any decisions made by the ED.

How FlexPath Works

With FlexPath, you will work at your own pace to complete a series of assessments in each required course. A key advantage of this approach allows you to move quickly through subjects in which you are already proficient and skip re-learning things you already know.

Rather than weekly participation and deadlines, you will complete your work at your own pace, anytime during the course.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Once you feel you have mastered the concepts in a course, you will complete activities that demonstrate specific competencies. To complete these activities, you can use textbooks, eBooks, simulations, videos, articles, or your own work experiences. You also will have access to our online library.

Enroll in Multiple Courses at a Time

You can enroll in up to 2 courses at a time, but you are not limited to a maximum number of courses per quarter. An academic quarter at Capella is 3 months.

Transparent Evaluations

You will not receive grades or a GPA with FlexPath. Faculty will review your assessments and provide substantive feedback based on upfront evaluation criteria. There is no "testing" out. Instead, you will demonstrate specific skills and knowledge by writing papers, proposals or submitting other academic work.

For example, an assessment may require you to draft a project proposal that demonstrates your strategic thinking, and ability to forecast a budget, form a team and clearly communicate.

Is FlexPath Right for You?

FlexPath students must be self-directed, highly motivated, and comfortable learning independently. You will be most successful if you take FlexPath courses in topics that closely align with your professional goals.

Successful FlexPath students are skilled at:

  • Setting goals and seeing them through
  • Managing time wisely and effectively
  • Working independently and staying motivated
  • Learning in online environments
  • Building and using a support network to help you stay on track

Is Self-Paced Learning Right for You? Take the FlexPath Assessment

Answer a few questions and find out if FlexPath is the best way to reach your goals.

Take the FlexPath Assessment

To learn more about FlexPath, contact an enrollment counselor at 1.866.736.1745 or by email. When you connect with us, you will be matched with an enrollment counselor who specializes in your area of study.

How Is FlexPath Different?

Standard Path FlexPath
What Is It? Faculty lead students in discussions and assignments throughout the week. Students work independently at their own pace throughout the quarter.
Available Degree Programs All Programs Select Programs
Assignments & Course Activity Deadlines Weekly By End of Quarter
Course Room Interaction with Peers Yes Optional
Students can interact with peers outside course room.
Admission Requirements Varies by Program Varies by Program
Estimated Time to Complete Degree Master's – 2-3 years
Bachelor's – 3-4 years
Master's – 1-1.5 years
Bachelor's – 2 years
Courseload 3 courses / quarter maximum No limit
Tuition Structure Tuition per credit or course Flat tuition rate per quarter

Save Time and Money with FlexPath

FlexPath allows you to complete multiple courses at once while paying one, flat tuition rate per quarter.

FlexPath: Bachelor's Degree


*Assumes only 45 general education transfer credits. This program allows up to 135 transfer credits.

FlexPath: MBA


*Assumes 0 transfer credits. This program allows up to 12 transfer credits.

FlexPath: Master's in General Information Systems and Technology Management


*Assumes 0 transfer credits. This program allows up to 12 transfer credits.

FlexPath: Master's in General Psychology


*Assumes 0 transfer credits. This program allows up to 15 transfer credits.

Support Resources

With FlexPath, you will have access to a robust support system, including:

  • Faculty
    Experts who work in the field they teach will provide direct, substantive feedback on each assessment.
  • FlexPath Coach
    One-to-one coaching to help you stay on track and make progress throughout each quarter.
  • FlexPath Tutor
    Subject matter experts to provide assistance when you need extra help.
  • Community
    Access to online academic tools and resources like the writing center and library, plus an online community of other FlexPath students.

To learn more about FlexPath, contact an enrollment counselor at 1.866.736.1745 or by email