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FAQ's Scholarships and Grants

Are there scholarships and grants for online universities?

Yes, scholarships and grants are available to learners at online universities. Capella University offers several scholarships and grants to help you fund your online degree.

Capella Scholarships

Capella scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in a variety of programs. Because they do not have to be paid back, scholarships are an ideal source for funding your education. Most of these scholarships are awarded to several students once per year. Applications are only accepted during the specified time period.

Capella Grants

Capella grants are not based on financial need and do not require repayment. Instead, they are available if you enroll in a qualified program and meet eligibility requirements. Grants are easy to apply for and are an excellent way to help pay for your college education.

How it Works

Scholarships and grants are available at both the graduate and undergraduate level and can be used for tuition, fees, and other education expenses. Award of a Capella scholarship or grant is not necessarily based on past academic merit; you only need to maintain a good GPA.

Capella has other ways to help you save money and reduce your student loan debt. We can also help you find scholarships from other sources.

View Capella scholarships and grants to see if you qualify. Or email us and we will match you with an enrollment counselor who can answer your questions about how best to finance your education.

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