About Us

Capella's Writing Program faculty are seasoned writers and writing teachers. Most currently teach university–level writing courses or work in university writing centers. But beyond their collective writing experience, the WP faculty are also strong advocates of writing and fiercely dedicated to helping writers produce clear and effective communication that matters.

WP faculty are involved with different projects throughout the year. Some teach writing courses, while others lead writing sessions at residential colloquia. Some faculty help build writing–related learning modules and other online materials. Every writing consultant who works in the Mobile Writing Center is a member of the Writing Program faculty.

What do they do when they're not writing or teaching about it? Some are members of competitive rowing and/or sailing teams. Some organize jazz festivals as a hobby. Some are amateur herpetologists; others are seasoned bicycle mechanics. Some are working on or have just finished their dissertations. Others play in garage rock bands or study the cutting edge of video game theory–and at least one WP faculty member is well–versed in the twisty art of making balloon animals.

Despite their various backgrounds, WP faculty share a common respect for writers and appreciate the energy that is needed to fuel a vigorous writing process.

what people say about us

Writing Program Sessions

"Sharing ideas and how each learner interpreted the assignment was a good learning experience."

"Supporting writers in this session provided great insights."

"I'm coming away with a more efficient research process."

"I liked the theory presentation, then the practical exercise method used."

"I'm almost done with coursework, but the information provided made me realize I've got more options."