Writing Resources

four stages of writing

This module provides writing guidance by following the development of an essay through the writing process from brainstorming ideas to proofreading the final draft. The step-by-step expert commentary explains the process as it guides the writer to the final draft.

apa style and formatting module

Learners in the School of Undergraduate Studies must follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing sources. Depending on the assignment, the reference page can be single- or double-spaced. If you have questions about the spacing, ask your instructor for guidance.

firstCourse paper formats

The School of Undergraduate Studies has adopted paper formats for FirstCourse:


Over 30 different easy to access resources on various writing topics including:

  • The writing process
  • APA style, formatting, citations, and references
  • Academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism
  • Writing a course paper
  • Writing a literature review


Resources specifically developed for learners whose native language is other than English:

  • ESL Writing Courses
  • Smarthinking ESL/EFL writing specialists
  • ESL/EFL annotated web links


Frequently Asked Questions on undergraduate writing.