"Feedback is like fertilizer for writing."

—Neil Cunningham

One misconception about writing is that it is something one must always do alone. Writers are often thought to be solitary creatures, singlehandedly tapping away on computer keyboards in the dark silence of the night. One way to dispel these old notions is when a learner shares her writing with a writing tutor–or by forming networks of writing groups that can streamline the writing process by socializing it. We hope you will find these resources provided below not only help improve the quality of the final writing product–but also enhance the overall experience of the writing process.

Capella learners can solicit feedback on their writing in three ways–all services are provided at no extra cost.

Free tutoring service available year round. Send up to 10 pages with a specific request for help and within 48 hours receive feedback from a writing tutor. Use it as often as you need.

Peer Writing Groups
Create a writing group of your own—learn how to give, as well as receive, feedback on writing.

Peer Review: Using the Writing Feedback Tool
Learn how to use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide substantive and focused feedback to your peers both in and outside of the courseroom.