Academic Integrity

Maintaining academic integrity in your writing is about more than mindlessly following citation rules to escape the perils of plagiarism–it's about how you as a writer interact with the work of other scholars. You maintain your integrity as a scholar–writer when you treat the writings of the people you encounter during your research with the respect they deserve by crediting them for the knowledge they have created. Integrity is also preserved when you leave a trail of your research that others can follow.

Respect and sharing knowledge–the care you take to properly attribute credit and the authentic way you interact with material from other authors–show others the kind of writer/researcher/thinker you are.

Of course, academic integrity applies to more than what you write. To find out more about maintaining your academic integrity as a learner, visit Academic Honesty & APA Style and Formatting in iGuide.

apa style & formatting

APA Style & Formatting

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