Academic Publishing

The ultimate goal of scholars is to share their research with other scholars by joining the academic conversation in their field of study and contributing their findings to the knowledge pool. The academic conversation is an ancient tradition, dating back to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, that consists of scholars "talking" to each other through their written work. One scholar reads an article about a topic, then responds to it in writing, adding his or her perspective, looking at the topic through a new lens, sometimes even negating a theory or developing a new one. This process, over time, broadens our perspectives and expands our knowledge base. Remember, we once thought the Earth was flat.

To join the academic conversation and carry on this ancient tradition, scholars must publish their work. This section takes you through the process of publishing from beginning to end.

If you are interested in joining this ancient tradition and desire expert guidance, consider enrolling in the Writing Program's course, "Writing for Publication," which takes you through the process, from choosing a journal, to writing an article, and then submitting it for publication.

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