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How to Plan Your Week

Each Capella course is designed to require approximately 10-15 working hours per week. The actual time spent on coursework may vary, but all courses have been organized with the goal of maintaining a consistent workload from start to finish. There are no set classroom hours, so you can work at your own pace and in your own time. However, you will have deadlines throughout the week.

Capella suggests the below tips for time management:

Preview Unit Activities
Read the unit introduction, learning objectives, study activities, and all other requirements. Print or save this information so you can access it offline later.

Complete Unit Readings
Readings may include information from your course room, journal articles, book chapters, or other online sources.

Write Responses to Discussion Questions
Courses typically include several discussion topics per unit. Staying active in the conversation will be beneficial to your studies.

Complete Weekly Assignments
Weekly assignments may include papers, projects, project reports, or group projects. All coursework can be submitted using your courseroom's assignments tool.

Stay On Top Of All Other ActivitiesOther activities include reviewing the calendar and your grades, consulting with your instructor, participating in a learning community, or forming an online study group.