LinkedIn can be an amazingly powerful tool for networking and career moves, but how can your profile rise above the many others out there?

The Capella University Career Center has identified 14 tips to help your profile stand out from the LinkedIn crowd. Follow these tips to make your profile attractive, relevant, and searchable.


  1. Headline. The first thing people will see, so make it eye-catching.
  2. Photo. A picture is worth a lot more than 1,000 words. Make sure yours tells the right story.
  3. Name. This is one way prospective employers will find you, so make it easy for them to do so.
  4. Keywords. Another way prospective employers search is via keywords. Do you have the right ones on your profile?
  5. Summary. This is the centerpiece, and it’s your chance to highlight your skills and accomplishments.
  6. Searchable skills. Employers may also search by skills, so make sure to fill up all 50 skills slots!
  7. Recommendations. Recommendations are a chance for other professionals to affirm your claims throughout your profile.
  8. Evidence. Add files that can demonstrate your skills and abilities.
  9. Results. Skills are important, but so are end results.
  10. Volunteering. Forty percent of recruiters view volunteer work as being as valuable as paid work.
  11. Connections. Who should you connect with? Everyone you can, especially professionally.
  12. Education. Education matters on LinkedIn, but make sure to include details beyond just the title of your degree.
  13. Groups. LinkedIn has extensive group forums centered on numerous professional associations and industries, and you should get involved in them.
  14. Keep it fresh. Your LinkedIn profile is never completely finished—it will always be in a state of updating if you want to keep attracting profile views.


Check out the entire Capella Career Center LinkedIn video series for more details on each tip.

The Capella University Career Center’s mission is to empower students and alumni to proactively manage their careers and make meaningful, and effective, career decisions.

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